Oktoberfest: A Couple’s Guide

Let’s be honest, Oktoberfest doesn’t rouse images of romance. But if you plan it right and know what to expect, it can be a fun adventure the two of you will never forget. ♥ The (Love) Story of Oktoberfest ♥ In fact, did you know Oktoberfest was born from a celebration of love? Well! It all started on October 12, 1810 when Prince Ludwig and Princess… Read more →


6 Ways To Experience Moorish Granada

An Arabic wonderland for over 700 years, Granada was the last surviving Moorish kingdom in Spain and if you think that when the Catholic Kings banished the Moors, the culture dissipated forever- you’re mistaken. Today, you can still experience what once existed in those days by visiting some of Granada’s World Heritage sites. Whether navigating the laneways of the Albaycín, sipping tea in a dim-lit tetería or experiencing… Read more →