10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

Hiya lovelies! So as you know, we said our “I do’s” last month (eek!) and the level of detail that went into planning that wedding was nothing short of epic. I tell no lie. It was stressful as hell sometimes with the language barriers and long distance communication delays between Thailand and whichever country we were living in at the time, but it was totally worth it in the end.

We’d heard all the cons of having a Destination wedding, but no one shared the pros with us.

We had to experience it ourselves to really know that we were making the right decision and my god, knowing what we know now, I’m so glad we stuck to our guns!

So here it is peeps, 10 reasons why you should start packing your bags and planning the best adventure of your life;

1. It (can be) cheaper than getting married at home

Of course this is number 1! Depending on your destination, this can be a huge positive for people who want the dream wedding without the price tag. A wedding in say, Asia, would generally cost less than in your standard Western country like the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. Even if your per head cost is slightly more, it is still likely to work out cheaper due to smaller numbers attending.

I don’t know about you, but starting a new life together with a huge wedding debt isn’t my idea of romance! A destination wedding can mean you get the best of both worlds; the fairy tale wedding and the happy bank account.

nomadiclove_ukulele2. Insanely beautiful weather

I’d always dreamed of getting married by the seaside but living in Melbourne, I knew full well that we could get four seasons in one day and that I would be worried about the weather the whole time. Having the wedding abroad in a tropical destination gave me that reassurance that even if it did rain, it would probably finish after a short while. (Picking the right season is important for the tropical climates though, so keep note of that!)

thekalasamuiwedding3. The awesome package inclusions

We got to experience some pretty incredible things thanks to our wedding package. Extras included a 4-course candlelit dinner on the rocks (down by the ocean side, where we would say our vows a few days later!) with our own private butler, a bottle of wine and music to set the mood. It was windy as hell on the day, but I couldn’t imagine any place else I’d have rather been.

dinner-on-the-rocks-kala-samuiThe resort also included in-room breakfast and a couple’s massage treatment for both of us the day after the wedding at the resort spa. It’s these little extras I’d have never paid for at home, but when in Thailand.. 😉

4. Because it’s more than just one big day

The biggest learning for me was realizing that any good Destination wedding is so much more than a 1 day celebration. It is like a week-long festival with various activities for guests to attend as they arrive, so that they can mingle and get to know each other. That way once the big day comes, it’s more of a party between friends rather than an awkward conversation between a work colleague and some uncle of the bride they’ve never met before.

Plus who can justify putting all that cash into just one day? If it’s paying for a vacation AND a week of fun, hell it’s worth it to me!!

sunset-cruise-nomadic-love-wedding5. You get a vacay with your besties!

In what scenario will all of your nearest and dearest be on a tropical island somewhere together? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with the people who mean the most to you and to really spoil them.

nomadic-love-wedding-cruise6. Your guests are in holiday mode

Instead of chatting about work or thinking about how they’re getting home, your guests will be in holiday mode. They are overseas and taking everything in. This means that conversation will be a lot more interesting between your guests as they mingle and they will be there to party with you until the end. It’s not like their hotel room isn’t stumbling distance away, anyway.

nomadic-love-wedding-holiday-mode27. Incredible venue options = incredible photos!

Whether you decide to say your vows in a floating cathedral, on the beach or inside an ice cave, the photos will be stunning and it makes for that wow factor which every dream wedding should have! It also means that you don’t have to go far for those bridal party photos, because everything is already so beautiful! Less time on photo session, more on good times!

nomadic-love-wedding-koh-samui1 nomadic-love-wedding-koh-samui28. Choice of ceremony styles

If you’re wanting something a little exotic for your nuptials, what better way to incorporate the local customs than to feature some of their wedding traditions in your ceremony. Thailand, being a predominantly Buddhist country, have 3 options for ceremony styles; Western, Thai or Combined. Whether you want a wedding in Hawaii with a conch shell blower or in Fiji with sarong-clad Fijian serenaders, there’s a lot of choices at your disposal. I walked down (to) the aisle with Thai drummers and dancers!

nomadic-love-wedding-ceremony9. Your guests can taste the local cuisine

I love Thai food and the idea that I could have a Thai buffet at my wedding almost sold me from the get-go! Imagine your guests being able to taste gourmet cuisine cooked up from fresh, local produce? Way more interesting than your standard wedding food. Chicken or fish? Um, both!

nomadic-love-wedding-thai-food10. It’s an experience you’ll always remember

I’ll always remember our wedding adventure as a celebration of love. Love between family, love between friends, love between two individuals who brought people together from around the world. More than just one isolated day, I got to spend weeks on various tropical islands having the time of my life with my favorite people. It was incredible. I want you to have that too.. so you should just do it. Do it!!!

nomadic-love-wedding-groupphoto..and if you’re still not convinced, watch our wedding trailer below!


Event Design + Styling | Me !

Wedding resort | The beautiful Kala Samui nestled on a cliffside overlooking Chaweng Noi

Sunset Cruise | Boutique Yachting

Ceremony + Reception Flowers, Catering | Incredible work by the team at Kala Samui

Photographer| Eak Samui Photography

Videographer | iCineAsia

What is your opinion of Destination Weddings? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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