Big News: We got married in Thailand !!

Heya! So it’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog, we’ve been busy moving back to Australia and settling into our house after our stint in Scotland. However.. there is a little something that happened last weekend that I thought was probably worth a mention.


Wedding Ceremony at The Kala

Yep!! So why didn’t we get married in our hometown, you might be thinking?

Well, it all started on New Years eve in Torquay when I created a dream board. I asked my friends at the time, ‘What should the dream board be about?’ and they said, ‘it can be about anything, anything you envision for yourself in the year ahead’. Well, I’d been planning a wedding in Australia at the time, deciding between venues across Melbourne, but still wasn’t 100% convinced of any of them. We wanted our wedding to be a fun adventure for our guests; a chance to share with them our love for nature, travel and each other, but nothing seemed to make the cut.

usAs I started cutting images out of random magazines, the vision became clearer. My dream board was covered in images of sky lanterns, palm trees, beaches and candlelight. I took the dream board over to Ryan and said, “It looks a lot like Thailand doesn’t it? I wish we could have it there, imagine how amazing it could be”. He responded with three words; words that would soon send us on our biggest adventure yet, “Why couldn’t we?!”.

thegirlsWell, we went ahead and did it!! Here are some of the pictures from the big day – enjoy 🙂


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