Day 3: A Traveler’s Christmas, 10 Winter Days in the Yukon

I’ve always wondered what a Traveler’s Christmas would be like. You know, the kind where everyone feels that communal sense of displacement and homelessness and can temporarily fill that void by sharing stories and traditions from their home country with other traveler’s from around the World? Well, this year I got to experience it. We experienced our first White Christmas with a young couple from Scotland in the middle of the Yukon wilderness.

Our Cabin in the Yukon © 2014 Ryan Steller

We couldn’t fit decorations in our luggage, and we had no electricity for lighting, so we only had one choice – Get crafty! We used the materials we had to dress the cabin. It turned out pretty nice, don’t you think?

© 2014 Danielle Ramona
Origami Christmas Trees by Ewa & Danielle © 2014 Danielle Ramona
Andy and Ewa, our Scottish traveler friends © 2014 Danielle Ramona
My first time tasting roasted chestnuts, yum!! © 2014 Danielle Ramona

It put a new spin on what Christmas really means to me. After all, they say Christmas is meant to be about sharing, being kind to one another and expressing love and gratitude. As we came together, each of us from different countries and far from friends and family back home, we created a ‘home-away-from-home’ at the most sentimental time of year and it felt like a special kindness was both given and reciprocated. We exchanged gifts, stories and hilarious impersonations. The Christmas Spirit was well and truly present. Well, it was more than present, it was basically overshadowing any other taste in my mulled wine. But it was damn good. And so was Christmas. So cheers to that!

The Aussies and the Scots enjoying Christmas in Canada! © 2014 Danielle Ramona

Have you been to a Traveler’s Christmas?

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