Day 4: Annie Lake & Snowfall, 10 Winter Days in the Yukon

With fog overhead, thick forest and partial-mountain views all around, it was hard to really process where we were. As we walked on top of Annie Lake, a frozen lake in the Wheaton River valley, we finally got a zoomed-out view of the landscape that has surrounded us for the past 3 days.

Danielle walking on thin ice! Ⓒ Ryan Steller

Annie Lake © 2014 Ryan Steller

Ⓒ Andy Grubb

We stumbled across Trapper Ray’s abandoned hut. The scattered belongings had me wondering whether someone was still living here. If they did, I imagined that we’d hear the gunshots soon enough. Or get caught in one of his traps, perhaps.

Trappers Hut © 2014 Ryan Steller

Ryan had the perfect setup to work with.

As night fell, it began to snow. Snowfall usually has me running about like a child with a new toy, however tonight marks our 5th night in Whitehorse without seeing the Northern lights. So instead, it’s heartbreaking. I know how magical those lights are. I just want to see them again and I want our friends to see them for the first time with us. Time will tell whether this is meant to be or not.

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