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Days 7-10: Winter Nights In Our Mongolian Yurt, 10 Winter Days In The Yukon

I’d never slept in a Mongolian yurt before, so you can imagine that it wasn’t too hard to convince myself that I absolutely HAD to experience it. And why not in the Yukon territory, in the snow? It was so random, yet probably one of the best random adventures I’ve been on. We arrived at night, a little tipsy from our detour to Yukon… Read more →

Weekend Stays Near Vancouver (For Nature Lovers)

I’m not a city slicker kind-of girl. The idea of spending the weekend confined to a cubicle in some giant skyscraper – 5 star or otherwise – isn’t really my idea of a romantic getaway, regardless of what google thinks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little luxury and romance. Hot tubs and vino are my best friends. I just prefer to be surrounded by wilderness, wherever possible.… Read more →

Day 6: When Aurora Found Us “Off The Grid”, 10 Winter Days in the Yukon

Our last night on the Wheaton river had finally come. I wasn’t quite ready for it. I’d gotten used to ‘off the grid’ life. Storing perishable items in a cooler on the front porch had become normal. I was okay with not having phone reception. In fact, the lack of electricity meant that my mobile battery was always dead anyway, so it didn’t really phase me… Read more →

Day 4: Annie Lake & Snowfall, 10 Winter Days in the Yukon

With fog overhead, thick forest and partial-mountain views all around, it was hard to really process where we were. As we walked on top of Annie Lake, a frozen lake in the Wheaton River valley, we finally got a zoomed-out view of the landscape that has surrounded us for the past 3 days. We stumbled across Trapper Ray’s abandoned hut. The scattered belongings had me… Read more →

Day 3: A Traveler’s Christmas, 10 Winter Days in the Yukon

I’ve always wondered what a Traveler’s Christmas would be like. You know, the kind where everyone feels that communal sense of displacement and homelessness and can temporarily fill that void by sharing stories and traditions from their home country with other traveler’s from around the World? Well, this year I got to experience it. We experienced our first White Christmas… Read more →