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6 Ways To Experience Moorish Granada

An Arabic wonderland for over 700 years, Granada was the last surviving Moorish kingdom in Spain and if you think that when the Catholic Kings banished the Moors, the culture dissipated forever- you’re mistaken. Today, you can still experience what once existed in those days by visiting some of Granada’s World Heritage sites. Whether navigating the laneways of the Albaycín, sipping tea in a dim-lit tetería or experiencing… Read more →

Photo Journey: Tarifa, Spain’s Windsurf Town

At the Southern-most point of the European continent where the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean meet, you will find the little coastal town of Tarifa – a beach-lovers paradise. Looking out across Gibraltar strait you can see Morocco in the distance, only a short one-hour ferry ride away. Known as one of the World’s Windsurfing hot-spots, its also a popular Summer vacation spot for locals. A peaceful rest stop if you’re driving along the Costa de… Read more →

Seville’s April Fair: Feria De Abril

Andalusia, the Southern autonomous community of Spain, is a region best known for its vibrant culture, endless festivals, world-renowned gastronomy, friendly faces and hot Summers. All across Spain, from Galicia to Alicante, locals have told me that the Southerners are known to be la gente mas simpatica de España, and with their sunny disposition it’s no wonder us foreigners are drawn to the place! A… Read more →