Seville’s April Fair: Feria De Abril

Andalusia, the Southern autonomous community of Spain, is a region best known for its vibrant culture, endless festivals, world-renowned gastronomy, friendly faces and hot Summers. All across Spain, from Galicia to Alicante, locals have told me that the Southerners are known to be la gente mas simpatica de España, and with their sunny disposition it’s no wonder us foreigners are drawn to the place! A regional hotspot is its buzzing capital city Sevilla, and one of the most popular times to visit is during the April Fair, known in Spanish as the Feria De Abril. A tradition dating back to the 19th century, it started out as a humble livestock fair and has grown into one of the biggest, most lavish festivities in Spain. We attended for the first time this year, and had been warned by our local friends in Granada that it was a very exclusive fair. With this in mind, and having experienced it first hand, here are some tips to help you manage your expectations and enjoy your feria experience..


  • Inside the private casetas: Feria de Abril is a fair for the Sevillanos, for the locals. Hence why there are over 1000 stripy tents that line the streets with access permitted only to those invited. This usually includes members who have paid an annual fee, and their guests.
  • Staged flamenco shows. It’s a local fair, so you may witness some jovial Spaniards dancing in their best outfits, however there are no flamenco “shows”.


  • Public casetas are erected for the event, so there is somewhere for you to eat, drink and witness some of your own Sevillanas flamenco.
  • Sevillanas is a festive style of flamenco that originated in Seville. They are very proud of this. You will hear it blasting from every speaker, and see them dancing it so joyfully it will make you want to learn how, just so you can join them!
  • Beautiful colors and amazing costumes! The ladies dress in trajes de flamenco; some simple, others extravagant and elaborate. Traditionally men wore the traje corto with a cordobés hat, however the latest flamenco trend is to wear a suit, so you may begin to see more of these appear with the younger crowds. Either way, they all look ridiculously attractive.
  • Witness the Paseo de Caballos and you will see horses, dressed almost as well as those riding them. If you dream of a man on a horse whisking you away, now’s your chance ladies!
  • An amusement park! That’s right – there are rides, candy, games and fun all located on La Calle del Infierno where you can be a kid again.
  • Attend on the final Sunday, and you can see fireworks by the Guadalquivir river.


We spent a long time trying to find the feria! After getting lost looking at upside-down maps on Wikipedia, we drafted up this little gem so you won’t have the same dramas. Enjoy!!

We had so much fun running around like kids at the amusement park, and enjoying the local cuisine washed down with some cervezas and sangria. What more could one ask for!?

Do you want to go to the Feria de Abril

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