Photo Journey: Chefchaouen, A World Painted Blue

“I have lived in this town for most of my living life” our local guide shares with us, as he leads us through the cobblestone lane-ways of Chefchaouen. He knew every passerby, every vendor, every photo opportunity. He wanted to share its beauty with us. We followed him through the streets and markets of Chefchaouen, up to the Mosque in the mountains nearby, through a cemetery, and to a restaurant where we rested for a while, and feasted on Moroccan cuisine as we heard the Islamic call to worship echo across the city.

♥ This is what we saw.. 


This little town, sitting comfortably between the Rif Mountains in North-west Morocco, could very easily have been missed as a destination if not for my Pinterest obsession. Upon typing in ‘Morocco’, I saw a plethora of images pop up, all from Chefchaouen. We had to see for ourselves if it was trick photography, or if this town really was that insanely blue!

Well, I can tell you now. It is how it appears in pictures. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Is Chefchaouen on your Bucket List?

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Danielle Steller |
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