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Wilderness Walks: Hiking the Kalalau Trail to Hanakapiai Beach

When I read that the Kalalau trail on Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai, was listed as one of National Geographic’s World’s Best Hikes, I had already decided it was a must-do on our itinerary. We had heard that Kauai was less developed than the other Hawaiian islands and much better suited to those travelers wanting to be closer to pristine nature, untouched beaches and mountain ranges… Read more →

Wilderness Walks: Snowshoeing to Elfin Shelter

Imagine a place so well-hidden that you need to wear snowshoes and trek 22km (return) through treacherous mountain peaks, heavy snow and potentially erratic weather just to experience it? It exists. In the middle of the mountains, far from the hustle and bustle and petty worries of the world, sits a solar-powered, propane heated cottage with all the furnishings one could desire after… Read more →